Ginkgo Biloba for Tinnitus


What is Tinnitus?

Home-Remedies-for-TinnitusIt is a condition that is related to your ear. Some of you might have used to listen to something every now and then whereas no actual sound presents. Ringing clicking, hiss or roaring sound inside your ear 24 hours a day that is not stopping even after doing everything about it then tinnitus is to blamed for it. This condition normally affects those people who are the above age of 50.

This is a condition where your ear gets affected and the reason for this condition may vary but its most common cause is a noise-induced hearing loss. Apart of that, there are other causes as well such as ear infection, stress, head and neck injury and many of these like causes that affect your ear and hearing. Some people think that tinnitus could be the cause of deafness but that’s not true as well. It doesn’t cause deafness but yes, sometimes you may find it hard to hear low noise voice because there are already so many sounds buzzing in your ear and this sound affects your hearing.


Ginkgo Biloba for TinnitusTinnitus is not an illness itself but it is a group of disease that causes this condition that may include brain tumor and another tumor near the ear, ear wax buildup, loud noise exposure, pregnancy, anemia, blood flow problems etc. In this condition your ear gets affected with various kind of sound such as roaring, hissing, clicking, ringing, buzzing. These sounds could be real trouble for you as it could put you in psychological pressure, could be the cause of stress and unwell feeling every now and then. There are two kinds of tinnitus:

  • Subjective Tinnitus: It is a most common type of tinnitus that affects 1 in every 5 people. This is a type of tinnitus that only you can hear the non-existence voice. This condition is caused by the problem with your hearing nerves.
  • Objective Tinnitus: This is a kind of tinnitus that only your physician can hear during the examination of your ear. It is a very rare type of tinnitus and may be caused by the blood vessels problems.

What Can Ginkgo Biloba Do For Tinnitus?

ginkgoGinkgo Biloba is an herb that has a variety of use. People have been using Ginkgo Biloba for a long period of time to treat several conditions. Some experts do believe that it can prominently treat tinnitus. It is one of the best remedy options for tinnitus. The strong antioxidants found in Ginkgo Biloba can dramatically improve a number of health concerns including Ginkgo Biloba.

However, different studies on the effect of Ginkgo Biloba for tinnitus have the different conclusions. Some studies have the positive conclusions and others have the negative conclusion. Actually, if we say significant a number of studies don’t found any effectiveness of Ginkgo Biloba for tinnitus.

ginkgoBilobaBottleThey often claim that it has no effect at all than the placebo effect. But some studies believe that it can reduce the severity of the condition to some extent.   Since it is a potent herb hence it doesn’t have serious side effects so we can use it without thinking twice. Some studies found that in a special condition Ginkgo Biloba can work to a great extent if the tinnitus has occurred due to the obstruction of blood flow or from a bad blood circulation. The compound found in Ginkgo Biloba named EGb 761 provides significant positive impact in treating tinnitus.

Since everything has two side pros and cons and Ginkgo Biloba is not an exception of that. There is some side effects of this herb that needs to discuss. However, the side effects do not have severe influences and can resolve itself. Stomach upset, headache, allergic reaction, nausea, faintness, and constipation could be some result of using Ginkgo Biloba persistently.

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